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What is the Retro-Commissioning Program Incentive?

What is the Retro-Commissioning Program Incentive?

This is a “service-incentive” program. This means the retro-commissioning service is the incentive and is fully funded by DTE’s Energy Efficiency Program for Business. With the program, you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your buildings’ systems with an investigative retro-commissioning study fully funded by DTE Energy—valued at up to $80,000.


  Roadmap to Enhanced Performance


Roadmap to Enhanced Performance


  Who is Eligible for the Program?


Commercial and industrial DTE Energy customers striving to save energy, reduce operating costs and improve building performance can maximize their efforts with the assistance of incentives from DTE Energy. Our application provides a detailed list of the minimum eligibility requirements to participate in the program which include:

  • You are a DTE Electric customer with a peak demand of 300 kW or greater
  • Your facility has an annual electric energy consumption of 5,000,000 kWh or greater
  • Your facility has a functioning Energy Management System (EMS) with trending capabilities
  • You agree to a minimum commitment of $10,000 to implement the energy efficiency improvements identified in the study with a combined estimated simple payback of 18 months or less

2019 Incentive Pilot Program Status

Incentive program status section

Get started today with the DTE Energy Retro-Commissioning 2.0 Pilot Program by contacting Energy Sciences for further information.

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