The DTE Energy Retro-commissioning Program is currently being redesigned and is now a Pilot Offering. Check back soon for updates.
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Benefits of the Program

Retro-commissioning is a systematic process for identifying and implementing operational and maintenance improvements to your building systems and equipment to ensure continued performance over time. Your facility can benefit from lower operating costs, reduced maintenance spending and improved occupant comfort/productivity without making large capital investments. Is your building out of sync? For more information regarding the Retro-Commissioning Program and how it can help optimize your building operations, see our newly enhanced fact sheet.

What DTE Energy Offers

Receive a free, fully-funded study of your facility from our Retro-Commissioning Program. One of our expert engineering service providers conducts a detailed energy assessment to investigate and identify low-cost, energy-saving operational improvements through a systematic evaluation of mechanical and electrical systems. Contact one of our pre-approved, highly-qualified service providers today to schedule your assessment.
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